The first ever female-directed Russian film noir with reverse chronology

This might not technically be horror, but its just weird enough that we thought you should know about it… So yes, you heard it right, this is the “first female-directed Russian film noir film with reverse chronology”. Now, you might be asking yourself just what in the hell that means, and to be honest with you, I might not be the man to answer the question for ya, but I do know that noir is largely unexplored in horror and sci-fi (Dark City and Sky Captain being two fantastic examples that should have ushered in a whole movement and were instead, just largely under seen and under appreciated). So take a look at what Russian director Diana Galimzyanova has cooked up with “The Lightest Darkness” and maybe you’ll think about contributing to her Indiegogo campaign here


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Ash Hamilton is not only the owner of, but also one of its major contributors. A long time horror movie enthusiast, Ash has lent his personality to radio and television and continues to support his favorite genre through his writing and art. He also loves beef jerky and puppies... and low-grade street-quality hallucinogens.

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