Night Terrors Radio – Hart Fisher and the big Book of Dahmer

Night Terrors Radio – Hart Fisher and the Big Book of Dahmer

Hot on the heels of the Ryan Murphy produced Netflix sensation Dahmer, we interview comic creator and the face of American Horrors, Hart D. Fisher. Hart, who was responsible for the original Jeffrey D...

Get Hart D. Fisher’s Big Book of Dahmer NOW!!!

Get Hart D. Fisher’s Big Book of Dahmer NOW!!!

Hart Fisher launches the Big Book of Dahmer Indiegogo campaign to bring back the his Legendary Jeffrey Dahmer comics.


Watch Jon Morvay’s Award Winning BIBLE BLACK for Free!

Jon Morvay has released BIBLE BLACK for FREE, but only for a limited time.  Watch Morvay’s disturbing tales of horror and find out why it’s been BANNED across the United States. ...


What if Universal Monsters were the X-Men?

Artist Jon Malin Announces Indiegogo Campaign to Fund Graveyard Shift, his follow up to the record breaking crowdfunder, Jawbreakers: Lost Souls. Jon Malin (Cable, Thunderbolts) comes hot off the heel...


Caliber Comics launches Deadworld Zombie Regeneration Energy Drink

So, here am I , just reporting the news here in ye ole Horror-Fix land and along comes this little number. I gotta admit, I’m a little conflicted. Part of me says that this here zombie things ha...


Joe Hill’s long-in-development “Locke & Key” finds its home at Netflix

Although its probably gonna sound like hollow lip service, I thought Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke and Key was a ground-breaking comic. A character based dark fantasy/horror comic from ...


New Print Release – The Dark Judges by John McCrea

Judge Dredd Vs. The Dark Judges by John McCrea: Colour by John Kalisz Print Edition: 200 Print Size: 30 x 40 cm Printing Details: Hand Numbered Fine Art Print Released Thursday the 7th of May


Cautionary Comics Unleashes A Tribe of Warrior Woman who Hunt,Mate,& Kill All Men!

RAVAGE – KILL ALL MEN! is a new comic from Cautionary Comics for Mature Readers.  It’s about two army veterans who crash in a mystical jungle populated by a lost tribe of Warrior Women tha...


AXEMAN Prepares For Battle Against “Satan’s Whores”

AXEMAN Prepares For Battle Against “Satan’s Whores” This morning, “Axeman” trilogy writer and director Joston Ramon Theney confirmed the release of #SinningWorks’ f...

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