NPRmageddon: the Post-Apocalyptic Horror Audio Series

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Introducing NPRmageddon: The Hilarious Post-Apocalyptic Horror Audio Series

NPRmageddon is a unique and immersive ten-part post-apocalyptic audio series that takes listeners on a wild ride through a dystopian future in the style of public radio. The show is broadcast from the United States of “Lost” Angeles, and it is unlike anything else out there.

Hosted by Bryan Garcia-McMillan-Keithley and his team of eccentric newspeople, NPRmageddon offers a darkly comedic take on the end of the world. The show is filled with weird and outrageous stories, ranging from rogue AI and mutant poetry to street gang career fairs and mysterious religious cults.

The podcast features over 80 actors, including John de Lancie (Q from Star Trek), Jello Biafra (The Dead Kennedys), Erika Ishii (the Worlds Beyond Number podcast), Barbara Goodson (Rita Repulsa from The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Hart D. Fisher (American Horrors), and many more. NPRmageddon also features the last performances of prolific actor and comedian Fred Willard as well as legendary science-fiction author Harlan Ellison.

Created by Peter Podgursky and Bryan Keithley, NPRmageddon has received an overwhelmingly positive response from listeners, with Chartable reporting that the series reached as high as 21st on the US Comedy Fiction charts. The show has also gained a following of over 11,000 on Twitter, where real NPR reporters delight in getting “NPRmageddon’d” through gorgeous apocalyptic photoshops.

If you’re looking for a tough, brain-sickening, uncompromising work of art that delivers the best news from the worst place on Earth, NPRmageddon is the podcast for you. It’s weird, it’s sci-fi, it’s horror, it’s comedy, and it always comes with a body count.


To listen to NPRmageddon, visit their website at or follow them on Twitter @NPRmageddon.

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