Review – Refuge (2016)


A zombie apocalypse movie without zombies?? Fear not, (or should you) because this story still delivers the chilly truth in a most suspenseful and creepy way.

The story opens with a group of what appear to be teens that once upon a time were actually decent people, but as survival becomes more difficult they are faced with the decision to either stay true to their rules, or do what they must to stave of the hunger. Not everyone agrees with the decision. As the group becomes more and more violent one member, Russel, decides it’s time to part ways and does so with the threatening promise that he will be found and dealt with!

The cinematography is great and the creepiness at one point was very much “The Walking Dead” meets “The Children of the Corn”. Staying alive during a time when everyone is out for themselves means staying as quiet as possible, which is exactly what Jack is doing in his run down little home in a small urban neighborhood with his wife Nell, trusted friend Kyle, and his very ill daughter, 8-year-old Birdie. During a scavenging trip where Jack is hunting for food for his family, single malt liqueur for Kyle and medicine for his daughter, Jack finds a badly injured Russel and takes him in to heel. Meanwhile things outside are not only getting worse, but getting closer and Birdie is only getting sicker. Every scene is a buildup of suspense as things become more dangerous for our hide-aways and the plot quickly turns to the good against the bad! The cinematography is great and the creepiness is deinfitely on par with “The Walking Dead” with more than a dash of “The Children of the Corn”.

Eventually our group has to leave their safe house to seek refuge and help elsewhere, and as with all great apocalypse stories the danger increases and we start losing characters… that part you will have to see for yourself. By the final few scenes you’ll find yourself yelling out, cheering our heroes on, and wishing for more than just a lil old fashioned vigilant justice. The ending of the The Refuge was not only fitting but quite satisfying and delivered on enough levels that we could easily see this becoming an episodic series. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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  1. Great review!!! I’ve been meaning to catch this!

    • Thank you! And yes, definitely worth the watch!!


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