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Back 4 Blood Delivers the Crimson Soaked Goods

Back 4 Blood Delivers the Crimson Soaked Goods

by horrorfixon 10/29/2021
I bought the first Left 4 Dead the day it came out for the 360, bought the second one also the day it came out. Rebought them for PC and played countless hours (which steam counted) with mods. I bought the studios game Evolve when it came out because that’s how much I believed in […]
Aliens: Fireteam Elite, While Flawed is the Perfect Friday Night Game!

Aliens: Fireteam Elite, While Flawed is the Perfect Friday Night Game!

by horrorfixon 08/28/2021
Special thanks goes out to reviewer Derek Huey for this one! to I’ve been waiting a while for this game. The excitement as I boot it up for the first time was followed by the disappointment of seeing the NPC talk without its mouth moving…. Okay, it’s a low budget game. As long as the […]

Is the Mass Effect Trilogy a Bona Fide “Masterpiece”?

Is the Mass Effect Trilogy a Bona Fide “Masterpiece”?

by horrorfixon 08/19/2021
Special thanks to Derek Huey for this fantastic review! Played on Xbox Series X Mass effect – I always seem to want to replay them but can never finish the first one again… can I finally do it this time? If I didn’t there wouldn’t be a review, so let’s uh, read on… So it’s […]

Review – Call of Cthulhu Table Top RPG

by Phil Knechton 09/22/2020
Hey everybody. It’s your old pal Fuzz. I’m here to tell you why Call of Cthulhu 7th edition is an essential addition to your table top horror RPG collection. Most modern table top games are fairly utopian. Built for balance. Properly padded with thick layers of comfortable space age memory foam so you’ll never need […]


Yup! Robocop Joins the Roster for Mortal Kombat 11!

by horrorfixon 05/06/2020
One of the best things about a new Mortal Kombat game ( asides from witnessing a whole new round of truly brutal fatalities) is hearing the announcements of brand new DLC characters. We’ve seen some great new additions like Spawn and the T-800 from the Terminator franchise, but NOW we’ve seen the announcement for fan […]

Is Friday the 13th for Nintendo Switch a Killer Addition to the Console?

by Derek Hueyon 08/16/2019
Two years after the release of Friday the 13th the game, it finally comes out to Nintendo Switch at forty US dollars. Even though it’s called “The Ultimate Slasher Edition” it’s no different from the updated version of the original game that’s on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It does however come with a pretty […]


by horrorfixon 04/04/2016
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can be considered a crowning achievement for studio CD Projekt Red. The game concludes Geralt of Rivia’s epic tale, while it somehow propels the next gen RPG experience into new unrivaled territory. But this doesn’t mean The Witcher 3 is without it’s flaws. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt begins very […]

The Charnel House Trilogy (2015) Game Review

by Christopher Youngon 05/15/2015
A game landed on my desk a few weeks back, The Charnel House Trilogy. Lacking familiarity I looked and saw it was an indie point and click title. My heart dropped a little because I was hoping for some crazy gore filled horror game. I tossed it aside for a while so I could try […]

Over 9000 Zombies! (2015) Game Review

by Christopher Youngon 04/01/2015
  Twin stick shooters have been done a million ways to Sunday. I remember plugging quarters into Berzerk and the countless Saturday afternoons spent mastering games like Smash TV. I have played so many top down shooters that now it seems like I would rather skip new ones all together. Over 9000 Zombies! landed on […]

Review – Doorways: The Underworld (2014)

by horrorfixon 09/30/2014
This game begins with a really interesting backstory, written by Brian Amadori, where a psychologist describes his method of entering the mind of his unstable and insane patients. This main character is notable for his voice actor, Sam A. Mowry. As I began, I first noticed the graphics of both the surroundings and the animated […]