Back 4 Blood Delivers the Crimson Soaked Goods

Back 4 Blood is a good start of a game, if they keep adding to it, I’ll keep playing it
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I bought the first Left 4 Dead the day it came out for the 360, bought the second one also the day it came out. Rebought them for PC and played countless hours (which steam counted) with mods. I bought the studios game Evolve when it came out because that’s how much I believed in the company (the game wasn’t great). When I heard the studio was making a spiritual successor, I was hyped. So far Turtle Rock studio has proved with Valve they can make one of the best and most addictive zombie game ever made, but can they do it without valve?

The day is here, and it’s time. I get my headset on, go on Xbox looking for group option and grab a squad of people with mics and go at it! I put the controller on my hand, “oh yeah!” I say, as I’m ready to kill the horde again.

The acts are way longer than L4D and holy shit is the gameplay solid. It has some of those intense moments of zombies coming none stop and the feeling of almost losing but pulling through at the end. I can’t wait to play more. The shot gun feels so damn nice, the blood splatters perfectly on the wall. It’s so nice to see it spread after shooting zombies, and then seeing yourself covered in blood. The melee weapons are so satisfying. The game seems to introduce more and more stuff as I go further in. First impression, and honeymoon phase, I’m loving the game. I can’t wait to see the versus mode, I hope it’s like L4D. The game has the mark or L4D but updates for today’s standards. Sometimes the lighting and fog effects work just perfectly that the game looks breathtakingly beautiful. The fact that it’s on Gamepass makes it an obvious choice for anyone wanting to play it. If you don’t have an Xbox then I don’t know if it would be worth sixty dollars. We will see though! Also the crows suck! Play the game and you’ll know what I mean. A lot of the zombies from L4D are here, but are under different names and are slightly different. The boomer this time is way more deadlier! The jockeys are assholes like always. I need to learn their names. So many damn names I need to learn about.

The conversation between the characters are really fun also. Listening to them talk shit, or bicker. Needs more shouting of “reloading!” “Pills here!” “Got some pills.” “Pills!” Damn, this makes me want to play L4D on the pc. Plug some mods in and fight Donkey Kong characters instead of zombies while playing as Gumby shouting about pills to Deadpool. That’s the shit I’m talking about. With so many games that just came out, what makes this stand out? What makes it worth my time compared to Metroid Dread, Castlevania Advance Collection, and New World! Especially since New World has me addicted badly. Also it’s 2021, zombie mainstream culture has been here since Walking Dead and has been done to death. What can this game do that’s so different. So many questions with only one day consisting of four to five hours of play time. Act one completed with the squad, we have a good team this time. Good communication, and calling our zombies. It was amazing and fun as hell. I’d heal someone with my last medpack, taking a risk that pays off. We’d drop ammo if someone else needs it. Just working together really well. It’s so much none stop action, it’s hard to take a break between sessions to eat or do anything. It’s fun, but you need to set some time aside for it. It has a polish that Aliens Fireteam Elite doesn’t have.

We played through a lot of the campaign, and now I’m ready for the pvp. I love L4D pvp, it was my favorite! If this is the same or anything like it, then I’m hyped beyond anything. To find a game that scratches that L4D itch is something rare and amazing. World War Z tried and failed, Aliens couldn’t do it either.

The multiplayer is not the same. It’s not bad, it’s just not the same as L4D where you go through the campaigns. It’s just a stand off area where you try to live through horde after horde against other players as special effected, then it switches and whoever goes farther in the horde spawns wins.

It’s fun but is it good enough to play for weeks to come? We worked together so well we made people rage quit, it was so fun. It’s one hundred percent about team work, make sure you have friends playing. If you are going at it solo or without a mic, you might not have near as much fun. I’m playing with a squad of badasses. We are communicating and killing the enemy team in less than a minute. We lasted five minutes on one match and everyone was so hyped! We killed them in less than a minute. We kept having people rage quit game after game. It was so awesome.

We Just beat the enemy team in 41 seconds after living for over five minutes. The hardest thing to do after having such a good group is to log off for the day. I kept saying, “one more game!” Until it was an hour after I wanted to quit. I can’t lie, I had fun on this multiplayer. I wish they had the campaigns also for the multiplayer, but they could add that in later if they want.

Also no quick turn around, it needs it. About half way into the campaign and nothing really sticks out like some L4D maps I still remember to this day, like the carnival map. Nothing like that here so far, but it is really fun. The sewers were alright and at some moments looked fantastic. Finished act 2 and starting the third. Day three of playing, still no level that stands out amazingly like L4D levels such as the air port, carnival or farm. There was a moment that felt like the farm level with corn and everything but then you start a tractor and it goes through the corn so it’s not as scary or intense. A bad partner can ruin your game.

Today I played with my buddy and then a random guy, and he was so bad he got us killed so much. Before he joined, we kicked ass with the bots. Act 3 the levels start becoming a bit more cool. We just did one where we ran through a middle school and the area was so nostalgic feeling of when I went to school. My school didn’t have zombies though.

The Campaign feels longer than L4D has ever been. I remember beating those in one sitting.

Day four of playing I’m doing it solo, the game is still really fun by yourself. At least doing levels I haven’t done before. Is this my recommended way to go, no way. Find a squad, and group up and have fun. Finished chapter three solo, so far the best chapter. I wish there was more standout levels. They may become more stand out the more I relay them, but now the beginning levels are fun but nothing we haven’t seen before in L4D. With so many cool locations you can create, it’s sad they don’t do it.

One last act to do, and there’s only one chapter in it. I’m excited to see how this game ends then return to the beginning and replay it! Holly ended up being my favorite, with her melee skills, I built a deck around her and it’s built specifically toward melee kills. With some randoms we beat act four, on our second try. I say that was a good campaign, I have no clue what the story is, but it was a blast to go through. Now it’s time to play through them a dozen more times! It did play for 15 hours, most of which was on the campaign. So I’d say it’s pretty long. I have a feeling I’m going to put a lot more time into this game. It’s fun, the controls are tight, wish it had more pvp options. Overall a good package, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be as replayable as L4D was, but only time will tell. It’s the perfect Halloween game that I needed. Intense action, and moments in every single round. You will laugh with your friends and yell at them.

There’s loot and money in the game which makes you want to explore more then on L4D. There’s not much bad to say about this game except for the pvp options. Would be cool if the modding community starts making levels like they did in L4D. Back 4 Blood is a good start of a game, if they keep adding to it, I’ll keep playing it. With the game being available on Gamepass, it’s a no brainer on if you should try it or not. It’s worth it to try it out for a month. I’ve been playing this over all other games that came out recently, and I need to get back to Metroid Dread! Also nothing is as scary as a Hunter was!

I jumped on Left 4 Dead 2 today, gameplay still holds up, areas and graphics are a bit dated now. The levels feel a lot smaller than what I remembered. About to go through a Dark Carnival run. Back 4 Blood doesn’t have those awesome moments where you grab a chainsaw and just know you’re going to rip through everything. No swords swinging and chopping heads off. Left 4 Dead 2 has aged really well. Things seem to set on fire way better in L4D also.

I better watch out I may get addicted to this again! It’s so good, and there’s things Back 4 Blood does that at bette. I like the card system and how some characters are better at other things than others so you build a card set just for those people. Overall I can see myself playing this game for the rest of the month at least.

Back 4 Blood is a good start of a game, if they keep adding to it, I’ll keep playing it
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