Aliens: Fireteam Elite, While Flawed is the Perfect Friday Night Game!

It’s a wonderful Friday night game with boys online, while knocking cold ones back.
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Special thanks goes out to reviewer Derek Huey for this one! to I’ve been waiting a while for this game. The excitement as I boot it up for the first time was followed by the disappointment of seeing the NPC talk without its mouth moving….

Okay, it’s a low budget game. As long as the gameplay is good, it’ll be fine. Let’s start the first level up!

I don’t like the Lack of a next mission option (second day of playing it showed up so get ready for a useless rant), it throws you out the game, then you go back to the main hud area. It stops the flow or the game, and then you have to worry if the next game will be able to start with your team. When it works, it’s fun, when it doesn’t, it’s frustrating.

The look and sound is pure nostalgic. I love hearing those guns blast, and seeing the smart gun. The art style is not as good as Isolation, and may even look pretty ugly at times. The more I play the more I warmed up to it. Some beautiful outside moments, with some of the inside parts being dark and long drawn out corridors that look the same. You can tell this is a budget game. Due to it being online, it does make you wonder how long the community will be here for. I don’t predict it’ll be a long lived game, so if you’re wanting to play with people, it’s best to get it now. Midway into the game you start getting Synths which shoot at you, it’s mixes up the game play a bit. The synths are a type of bullet sponge enemy that force you to use the games cover mechanics that replicate that Gears of War style gameplay. There’s lots of problems with joining peoples games and playing together. At least on the Xbox series X. We’d start up games, people would get kicked. It got annoying. Some parts, we would start up the game and it would glitch and we wouldn’t be able to progress. This game is as good as the company you have. Getting some friends in, and chatting, having fun, killing Xenos! That’s the only way I can see you having lots of fun playing.

It’s a wonderful Friday night game with boys online, while knocking cold ones back.

A perfect price for the game would have been thirty dollars. It’s really repetitive, and doesn’t come close to the magic that L4D has. Also if you plan on playing alone I say stay away.

On day two of playing, I tried to make it for that day one release review. It’s silly to think of reviewing a game with one day of gameplay. You can’t accurately talk about a game the first play through. So many webpages pushing for that day one review when really all it is, is a first impression. Also no one is running to this review to see whether to buy the game or not, if they are interested they’ll buy it. So from this point forward let’s not call my writings a review. Maybe a look into, or something. I’ll figure it out.

Let’s derail the main topic further, I did just watch most of Aliens last night after gaming all day, just to get myself in the mood. So far it’s still a great movie, almost perfect movie if such a thing exists. I’m a huge fan of the first two Alien movies, I even have a soft spot for the third and fourth. I had to turn off Aliens toward the end because we (my wife and I) were tired, going to finish the flick tonight. Anyway, enough derailing, let’s get back to the topic at hand…. Or maybe it’s not derailing because I’m pointing out how big of a fan I am to the franchise. Shit, I even liked AVP Requiem, no one likes that film!

Day two the server issues are just as bad. Joined a good group of guys, had a lot of laughs, shooting xenos together, after thirty minutes of trying to get the game to work. After one game, the server shit on us again. It’s so frustrating, why aren’t online heavy games prepared for people playing it?

Sometimes there will be sound glitches which annoy the hell out of you. It’s a clicking sound over and over.

As I keep saying, when it works it works. It’s really nice playing with a good group. If you are wanting to play this solo, I’d say to stay far away. If you don’t plan on playing with people who have mics, stay away. You probably won’t find much fun in this. Xbox find a group option is amazing, I’m always able to find a full team with mics because of it. The long part is the game working or not. The sizes of the missions is nice (thirty minutes to an hour each) and I’m glad the game throws new enemies at you, so it doesn’t become too stale during the campaign. It keeps throwing different stuff at you, unlike Left 4 Dead which has the same enemies over and over in every level.

I think the game has a story but I couldn’t tell you what it is.

Second day of playing, I could play it a little more, but I’m just over the server problems. The game time I put in should have been enough to beat the game, but literally half of it is just trying to get it to work.

Finally had to go solo just to play a little more. Solo just had to be a synth level…. It’s not as fun playing by myself, it’s pretty frustrating how dumb the AI companion is. People is a must. It’s been a while since I played an online game with mics, so doing it for the first time in a long time was something special. It’s so nice and easy to jump into a full party of people with mics, it’s just hard to get the game to actually boot everyone in!

Day two down, hopefully the servers will be better on day three. Also note, I’m not playing every hour of every day. Just a few here and there, I’m married with kids and can’t play as much as I used to. Just finished Aliens the film. Oh my god, what a dang near perfect film. Probably on my top ten list of all time. I love it so much, and it hypes me up to play tomorrow for day three. I can’t wait to blast some Xenos in their big fat stupid head!

Day three and the connection issues are still fucked! “I got kicked out.” Is a thing I’m getting used to hearing. We tried over and over again to play but every time the game loaded, someone was kicked out. When it actually works, it’s like you get a euphoric wave of “yesssss!” You shouldn’t get that feeling for just loading into a game!

Even when it works it doesn’t work, someone may glitch in the game and see flashing the whole time. Sometimes your guns won’t shoot at all.

I will say act four mission one was really hard. It took me plenty times to finally finish it, and when our team did it was because we worked together. It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment. The act four missions are so good, one last mission to go then I get to unlock horde! That mission is as insane, still no clue what the story of the game is. Would be cool if it has more dlc levels in the future, I’d def get them if they release them sometime soon. Played a quick game of Horde, with the bots. It was okay. Will have to do another day of gaming it with people on horde. I’m still maining a Gunner. Day three, also known as the horde day and try other classes and get this piece quickly written. For those who are interested in this game already have it or are going to get it anyway. I’m just writing this for myself at this moment, or anyone who just wants to hear the useless ramblings of a thirty something year old video gamer and horror fan.

Truth is I’m a huge Aliens fan. I watched the first three movies as a kid, became an instant fan. Watched them countless times on vhs, and dvd when it came out. The amazing stalking of the first film to the none stop action of the second. I hold this series close to my heart, so when something like Resurrection comes along, you force yourself to like it. Then something like Alien Covenant comes around, and I just give up. This series is for the birds, they took something I hold dear and turned it into trash. Just like every other franchise! Then something happened to the Alien franchise. Alien Isolation.

So many bad Alien games after Alien game came out then this beautiful masterpiece happens. The art style is beautiful and nostalgic. The sounds are spot on. Then the scares happen, and it’s an intense and frightening game! I still haven’t beat it because of the difficulty, and anxiety it gives me. One of these days.

Then this fucking game comes out, I boot it up, and I’m greeted by an npc who can’t move its fucking mouth while talking! Fuck! Who is paying for this shit to be made. Isn’t the film owned by Disney, they can’t throw a few bucks this way to just have lips move during the voice acting?! Alright, let’s go for day four….

Played a technician and replayed the first act. Dang, the game play is so fun. It took a while to get connected to everyone, but once we got it working, we just one sat the entire first act and it was great. The Technician can drop a turret anywhere, and his flame thrower is amazing and so satisfying to use. It’s still the game to play with people, when I play it solo I get a little bored with it, but having buddies…. This is the perfect Friday night game.

“I’m very well versed in the bull shit that goes on in this game.” “Yeah, we’re pros now.”

A literal conversation we had on the headset about the server problems and how to go about them. Just read about them patching the servers, so maybe all the useless rants about how bad it is won’t matter anymore. This review needs to end sometime though…. I mained the Gunner class, there are five different classes in this game that play different in the specials everyone have . The gunner has an ability that makes everyone The game has potential to be more. It seemed to only work fifty percent of the time to join my friends, this is day one and four though, so it’ll probably be better for those who stick around long enough. I do see my testing out the other classes and playing a bit longer though after this review is done.

There’s no crouch option, so you can’t have have your squad behind you while you crouch in front shooting (which will be insane for hard difficulty when team damage occurs). Also no quick turn, which it needs for when you get overran from behind. No jumping mechanic, which I’m okay with. No vs mode where you play as the alien like Left 4 Dead. I didn’t play much World War Z, but it feels more like that with less aliens flooding the screen. There’s some amazing locations that fans will cream over, and I found it a lot of fun even if it’s flawed. I see myself playing this a lot more.

It’s a wonderful Friday night game with boys online, while knocking cold ones back.
  • Perfect Friday Night Game
  • Great online fun
  • Server issues
  • NPCs feel dated and stilted
  • solo mode sorely lacking
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