Review – Call of Duty: Zombies (2013)

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The Call of Duty brand is synonymous with classic multiplayer first person shooting gmaeplay. Many gamers much like myself have grown accustumed to that type of multiplayer gameplay, but a new and different game mode has been on the rise. The makers of Call of Duty have been experimenting with the uses of zombies as a primary enemy in their newest endeavors. The main gameplay of the zombies mode involves 1-4 players in any given game, as well in the newest installment of Call of Duty, Black Ops II, players are allowed to have up to eight people in a 4 vs 4 match. The main objective of the zombies game mode is to survive as long as possible, while trying to solve additional challenges that are often reffered to as “Easter Eggs“( “Easter Eggs can be completed solo or with other players, but often times the challenges are more in depth or there are more challenges if multiple players are attempting to complete them.


The Call of Duty Zombies game mode includes many of the fan favorite weapons from the campaign and multiplayer game modes. While the Zombies game mode does include these weapons, their is one twist in which the weapons only hold a fraction of the amunition that they do normally in either the campaign or multiplayer modes. For example, the MK14 can hold up to 18 bullets in both the campaign and multiplayer modes, whereas, in the Zombies mode, that aprticular gun only holds six bullets. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but when you get yourself stuck into a corner, those 12 bullets would be super useful.

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