Bill Skarsgård


Review – Stephen King’s “Castle Rock” feels more and more like home (ep. 1-3)

There was the longest time during the peak years of being an avid reader that my reading list was largely dictated by which Stephen King books I had already read, and which ones were either just going...


Does Hulu’s ‘Castle Rock’ Hold the Secret to the Future of Horror? Does Horror Need an Infinity War?

Horror has had its ups and downs since the heydays of the 80s. While resurgences do happen, they often seem short lived and dump the genre right back into a state of stale storytelling and ripoffs try...


Leaked photo of Pennywise from ‘It’ tries just a little too hard to get the point across

2017 is going to be a tough year for the King and I’s relationship. My displeasure for the direction of the Dark Tower film is well known and now, well, sigh…ya see, for all of its faults,...

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