It and Stranger Things Inspired Horror Board Game ‘Tales of Evil’ Set to Launch!

Tales of Evil is a game for 1 to 5 Braves (the name used for the players from now on) who become one of the members of a group of kids called Pizza & Investigation. During each adventure, the youn...


Dennis Vincent’s “RAGE OF THE MUMMY” Trailer -Classic Horror Monster Goes Schlocky Slasher!!

There’s something about the mummy franchises that I’ve always felt were never done justice. I still love Universal’s masterpiece and much to the show and horror of many of you, I enj...


Review – Knock and You Will See Me by Andrew Cull

A very special thanks goes out to for sending this review our way!!! make sure to check out the site for great news and reviews on horror fiction!!!   “Knock and You Will...


The Family Way is nothing but normal!

The Family Way is a unique twist on the old “crazy family” horror story, combining powerful themes of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-preservation with a truly unusual cast of characters that...


HorrorFix Invades the “Dead in Decatur” Film Festival!!!

It’s interesting to think that we here in the midwest are getting so much horror love this Halloween. We decided to send HorrorFix’s very own Jim Chandler to the Dead in Decatur horror fil...


Keep Halloween Going With ’60SecondScares’

The new wave of original horror has me pretty excited. So many talented genre enthusiasts are taking the art of horror into so many bold directions. Its a good time to be a fan right now. THIS is pret...


Blood Runs Thick | Official Trailer

Lucky Strike Films releases official trailer for “BLOOD RUNS THICK”  “BLOOD RUNS THICK” red carpet premiere will be Halloween Night 2017 in Beverly Hills  This new psychologica...


Psychological Horror Movie ‘Lock in’ launches campaign

SYNOPSIS Robert O’ Rourke is a prisoner in his own world, a world tainted through a haze of suspicion and doubt. To him every morning draws forth the reality that he doesn’t know who he truly is. Reme...


YUP. Y’all Just Missed Hollywood’s “IT” Themed Haunted House!!!

Now, we here in the midwest will of course remain unphased as we almost always have to contend with a barren wasteland that systematically eradicates anything cool with a supernatural zeal that well, ...

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