Stephen King’s It


Review – IT: Chapter 2 (2019)

I have made absolutely no apologies about my love for 2017’s IT. I think it might be one of the bigger accomplishments of mainstream horror cinema, in scope, in ambition, and fortunately for us ...

9.9 Amazing

Night Terrors Radio – Episode 46 Hour 2 – Stranger Things, IT Chapter 2

After talking with filmmaker Thomas Haley about his short horror film “The Crossing” we were inspired to talk about filmmaking and those moments that genuinely elicited a response in us. F...


I Like Scary Movies Experience Extends Through July 14th

The crew at Ultra Productions are excited to announce thatI Like Scary Movies has been extended through July 14th! The first horror exhibit of its kind has been thrilling fans acro...


Warner Bros. brings the goods to this year’s ‘Horror Made Here’ Halloween event!!

Its hard to be competitive in the arena of studio produced horror attractions with Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights taking center stage year after year. Warner Bros., however, looks dead set ...


Does Hulu’s ‘Castle Rock’ Hold the Secret to the Future of Horror? Does Horror Need an Infinity War?

Horror has had its ups and downs since the heydays of the 80s. While resurgences do happen, they often seem short lived and dump the genre right back into a state of stale storytelling and ripoffs try...

picture of Pennywise painted on a motorcycle

Insane Pennywise Homage to Horror Motorcycle

Talk to me long enough and if you can get me to shut up about horror, you’ll see I’ll move right along to conspiracy theories, computers, muscle cars and MOTORCYCLES!!! This lil ditty just...


Stephen King In Film – The Hits and The Misses

Stephen King’s latest movie It has topped $500 Million at the Worldwide Box Office and has officially become the top grossing horror film of all time. With over 50 Stephen King novels having been adap...


Review – IT (2017)

I will be the first to admit that that I was extremely reluctant to accept the reality of a new “It” film. The original happened at a time when event television was still a “thing...

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