Help Original Godzilla/Gamera spfx Master’s New Kaiju Film!

If you guys get behind any fundraising campaign this year it should be this epic! Keizo Murase the spfx God behind so many of the classic kaiju suits we grew up with from Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra, Varan, and more is finally making his directorial debut and his last film at 88(!!) years old! The fundraiser has now blown passed it’s initial goal but the more amassed the better the film can be made. Just look at the teasers:


Original Story and Directed by Keizo Murase

“Godzilla series”(1962-1993/ Kaiju suits maker), “Gamera series”(1965-1968/ Kaiju suits maker), “Daimajin series”(1966/ Kaiju suits maker) and more.

Screenplay by Takeshi Nakazawa

“Hatsukoi-Geinin”(2009/ Based on the novel), “Ultra zone”(2011/ Screenplay) and more.

Producer, Cinematographer and SFX directed by Daisuke Sato

“Howl from beyond the Fog”(2019/ Director), “Ike Boys”(2021/ Tokusatsu director), and more.

Co-Produced by Shigenori Shogase

“Ultraman Tiga”(1996/Assistant director), “Kaiju no Akebono”(2005/ Director), and more.

Concept designed by Akira Takahashi

“Kamen Rider series”(1971-1979/ Designer), “Legend of the Eight Samurai”(1983/ Art director), and more.

Orochi designed by Shinji Nishikawa

“Godzilla series”(1989-2004/ Designer), “Chouseishin Series”(2003-2006/ Designer), “SSSS. GRIDMAN” (2018/ Designer), “SSSS.Dynazenon”(2021/ Designer), and more.

Poster Art Yuji Kaida

“Kong: Skull Island”(2017 Japanese poster designer), “Ready Player One”(2018/ Japanese poster designer), “Gandam plastic model series”(1980- / Box art), and more.

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