Fanatical launches American Mythology Horror Comics Bundle

20 new-to-Fanatical comics with over 400 pages of gripping eerie tales


If you’re an avid comic book reader or horror fan, leading digital retailer Fanatical has launched a brand-new bundle that is ‘fright’ for you this Halloween.

Today, Fanatical unveiled its American Mythology Horror Comics Bundle, featuring 20 new-to-bundle digital comics across three available tiers with over 400 pages of awesome, gruesome stories from renowned artists. Tier One includes five comics, where you’ll get to visit Honey Island Swamp with Hatchet Halloween Tales;  get a buzz from an unstoppable horde of terrifying space hornets in Meteor Swarm #1; and witness the attempted extermination of the monsters of legend by a new breed of ‘super-beasts’ in Beast Hunter X.

In Tier Two, you’ll be able to access an additional six comics to enjoy.  Experience Victor Crowley’s chaotic battle in a monster free-for-all in Hatchet: Vengeance #1; continue the epic clash of the swamp titans in Hatchet: Vengeance #2; and delve into another hit franchise and enjoy classic horror the way it was meant to be with two comics from Beware the Witches Shadow

For those who brave the terrors and opt for Tier Three of the American Mythology Horror Comics Bundle, you’ll get all content from tiers one and two plus an extra nine comics. Witness an all-new tale of Bram Stoker’s classic creation with Eternal Thirst of Dracula #1 and Eternal Thirst of Dracula #2; and embrace the return of legendary comics artist Michael Kaluta’s work on 1970s grindhouse horror duo Eternal Thirst of Dracula Bk2 #1 and Eternal Thirst of Dracula Bk2 #2.

Feast your eyes on some next-level ‘Jurassic Park’ horrors with giant lava breathing dinosaurs in Volcanosaurus #1 and Volcanosaurus #2; follow Billy Bob’s adventures in the zombie-ridden lands of southwest Texas in Zombie Proof Zombie Zoo #1; and see Victory Crowley turn his rage against the minions of the underworld in Hatchet Halloween Tales II.

Every comic or game that you purchase in Fanatical bundles or across the Fanatical Store, is officially licensed, which rewards the hard-working developers and publishers behind some of your beloved games and comic book series. The American Mythology Horror Comics Bundle is available from as little as $1, with a total saving of up to 98% for all three tiers!

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