Online dating takes a horrific turn on Cecilia Robles’ short film Tinder Tango. A dreamy Tinder match of two tango aficionados who meet for the first time, and it turns out to be a hell of a date. Tinder Tango was directed and written by Robles and co-written by Jordi Caballero. Starring Cecilia Robles and Jordi Caballero. Tinder Tango screens on August 27th at 11:55 p.m. at Dances With Films Festival. www.danceswithfilms.com

“Tinder Tango combines 4 of my passions: The supernatural, Film noir, Tango & 1940’s music. My aim was to make a very short, fast paced, and fun short that ended with a surprising reveal.

I grew up reading masters of Magic Realism, like Carlos Fuentes, Isabel Allende and Cortázar. Everything I write is always sprinkled with a dose of fantasy and erotism of course, because that’s right up my alley.

I made a great deal of effort in the subject of color correction. I aimed to do a clear progression in color temperatures, going from realistic palettes, all the way up to deep greens and blues emulating Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water, and end up with very deep reds studying Coppola’s Dracula.

I had a fantastic team from Michael Pascasio, DP, to Blas Kisic, sound engineer, all the way up to Jeff Alan Jones, composer. I’m very grateful for their support” said Robles.

This horror film noir was a labor of love for which Robles carefully planned every single detail; from wardrobe, to choreography, to set design and shooting list.

Robles edited in a relatively short amount of time but it took forever to find the best SFX specialist that really understood and could execute her vision. She finally found THE one, Ian Kursakov, in Russia with whom she corresponded with via Skype during 3 months with a 12-hour difference.

Robles will be eternally grateful to fellow actor Jordi Caballero, who accepted her offer despite being on tour with Andreas Bocelli.

Award-winning Mexican director and producer Cecilia Robles considers herself an escapist. Her main passions are cinema, literature and traveling. After flying for three years for Mexicana de Aviación and globetrotting around the 5 continents, Robles studied film, literature and acting in 5 different countries. She is fluent in 5 languages and has graduated from 5 universities (CUEC, SORBONNE, UMA, UCLA and IIN.)

Robles is the author of the erotic novel BIENVENIDOS A BORDO, based on her questionable adventures as a flight attendant, available at Amazon. As for TINDERTANGO, she has also written, directed, produced, starred, and edited several shorts that have screened in prestigious festivals.

Robles’ film ALTA EXPOSICIÓN, was granted HBO US LATINO Best Short Film Award at the San Diego Latino Film Festival and TINDER TANGO has been selected in 16 festivals in 6 months and won:

Best Horror Short, Lead actress, editing and VFX at the SFAAF in CHILE, Best Horror Short at the TORONTO INTL. WOMEN FILM FESTIVAL, Best Horror Short at the LA INDEPENDENDENT WOMEN FILM FESTIVAL, Best Horror Short at the SOUTHERN CONE INT. FILM FESTIVAL, Best Lead Actress nominee at the OREGON SCREAM WEEK FILM FESTIVAL and Lust award nominee at the upcoming SIN FILM FESTIVAL in Miami, Florida

Robles runs two bilingual YOUTUBE channels about holistic health. She is currently looking for producers for her two TV pilots TE LA VOLASTE (Fly away) & ESPEJITO ESPEJITO (Mirror, Mirror)

DANCES WITH FILMS was formed in 1998 by a group of filmmakers who envisioned a festival where “who you know” didn’t matter, only the quality of the work. Our name, DANCES WITH FILMS, was a play on the plethora of ‘dance’ film festivals that cropped up left and right at the time – Slamdance, Digidance, Nodance, TromaDance. Truth be told, it started out as a rebellious joke. Originally the fest had the long title of “Dances With Films: Festival of the Unknowns” – something of a send up to all the ‘Dance’ Festivals that seemed to spring up overnight. Then, after a battle with Orion Pictures, it became a symbol of their irreverence and commitment to challenge the system.

Since 1998 DANCES WITH FILMS has grown from presenting a handful of films to nearly 200 each year from only narrative features and shorts to include the top documentaries, music videos tv & web on the circuit today. In 2007 DWF brought new commitment to the indie world with the advent of the 2 Minute, 2 Step Short Film Challenge where they actually shoot 10 films during the festival and presented them to enthusiastic audiences. In 2012 the festival moved to its current location – the famed Chinese Theatre in the heart of Hollywood. From there it has expanded to 11 days with ever-increasing sold-out theatres.

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