OUIJA SHARK!   We’re Gonna Need a bigger BOARD!

From the distributor that brought you THE VELOCIPASTOROUIJA SHARK We’re gonna need a bigger board. From Wild Eye Pictures and director Scott Patrick comes Ouija Shark, taking a bite out of VOD and DVD...

The VelociPastor! A Jurassic Priest emerges in first trailer

A man of the cloth turns Jurassic in Wild Eye Releasing’s THE VELOCIPASTOR – coming later this year from the reputable genre label! Ahead of the home entertainment release in August, the Bre...


Part Pastor, Part Prehistoric Killing Machine – Velocipastor!

So I had every intention of writing a rather lengthy intro to the trailer for Velocipastor. I was going to talk of scantily clad women. I was going to pontificate on the awesomeness of ninjas and how ...

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