Camp Death III in 2D


Night Terrors Radio – Cast of Camp Death III in 2D

In what maybe was one of both our worst and best ideas that we’ve had thus far we decided to invite the entire cast of Camp Death III in 2D on the show to share their experiences making what we ...


Official Box Art Released for Camp Death III in 2D Bluray Release

As divisive as Camp Death III in 2D is for many reviewers ( ranging from “loved it” to “goes down like cancer without the minty aftertaste” we here at Horror-Fix quite simply c...


Yes, Mental Illness is Funny… ‘Camp Death III in 2D!’ Director Matt Frame explains why

**Before you read this I urge you to keep an open mind. I have spent enough time talking to Matt Frame, the director of Camp Death III in 2D to make some initial observations: Matt genuinely LOVES mov...


Night Terrors Radio – Camp Death III in 2D’s Dave Peniuk

We have been big proponent’s for what is almost certainly one of the bat-shit craziest horror comedies to come out in recent years, Camp Death III in 2D. We’ve caught up with the director ...


Review – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love “Camp Death III in 2D”

A self -professed send up of Friday the 13th part 3, that, in many ways, bears more resemblance to part 5, CD3 follows a hapless camp leader, Todd Boogjumper (played with insane lack of restraint by D...

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