Review – Joshua’s Folly by Toneye Eyenot

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“Joshua’s Folly” by Toneye Eyenot is the second book of the dark-fantasy series “The Sacred Blade of Profanity.”

The first one, “The Scarlett Curse” is an amazing little novella where the main characters and background are introduced.

This book reveals the thread in flashes, sewing all the stories from the first title together. What seemed to be the centre of the plot, is not. Who you thought to be the hunter, turns into prey. Everything makes sense for the reader, but all doors remain open for THAT feeling telling you nothing will stay like this for long.

Many important characters run parallel, connected little stories, chasing each other. You won’t be able to say who’s the protagonist. You just love some and hate others. Anyhow, all of them, intense feelings.

You connect with all of them in some way. They doubt, freeze, hate, love. It doesn’t matter their specific role. A naive, curious little girl, unaware of her dark, harrowing near future; a cursed soul with a condemned burden on her shoulders, evil sorcerers; a disgusting, demonic butcher and a selfish, with an empty soul, interested kidnapper.

The book is structured in short chapters, which makes the read agile and quick, using flashes to jump from one character to another, although you never get lost.

Conspiracies, black magic, conjurers, panic and blood. Every little part is essential, the ensemble makes perfect sense and nothing is expected. Descriptions are so graphic and visceral that you can perfectly smell the blood and electricity of the most atrocious scenarios the author pours on your hands.

Eyenot owns the volatile skill of provoking in you either a loving, charming and warm feeling or he can freeze your spine, terrifying you from your own palpitation.

This turns into an amazing mix of emotions when you’re reading “him”. No matter if an entire book like this one or any of his short stories. You could just pick up any of his work, blindly, and you’ll just adore it.

I’m looking forward to having the third one, to be released soon. I recommend this book to all terror, dark fantasy lovers. It’s not average. It’s intense, sharp, deep.
It will hunt you …and you’ll love it.

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