Review – Dude Bro Party Massacre 3

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Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 (2015)
Directed by Michael Rousselet, Tomm Jacobsen, and Jon Salmon

Written by Michael Rousselet, Alec Owen and 8 others

A Kickstarter film from the people at 5second films. This is a feature length movie based on a fake trailer. Even though it’s filled with copious amounts of blood and plenty of death scenes, this is a straight up comedy from start to finish, including the title, There is no Dude Bro Party Massacre 1 or 2.
It opens with Brock, a fraternity member who survived 2 mass murder sprees by a killer named Motherface, in therapy. Brock has not gotten over the deaths of his fraternity brothers. As he talks about the previous murder sprees, his therapist kills him. We are then introduced to his twin brother, Brent. Played by the same actor. Brent is determined to find his brothers killer by joining the same frat as Brock, and Motherface is determined to kill all the remaining members of said fraternity.

The movie was made in the style of 80’s horror movies. So expect, the grainy, non HD look of the film, the overly dramatic characters, the inner monologue of the main character, and more. This is absolutely 100% a comedy. It’s not a series of comedic situations, pratfalls or set up jokes. It’s very much in the same vein as the 1980 movie Airplane!. All the characters deliver their lines in a seriously dramatic manner, but it’s all way way over the top. There is no self aware winking at the camera, or people trying to be funny. Just when you start to get a handle on the movie, they throw something at you that will quite literally makes you say, “what the fuck”.
Bag of oranges is all i’ll say.

This is an absurdly ridiculous comedy. They’re not trying to gross you out, make you think about social issues, or feed you the comedy formula that everybody else is doing. All they want to do is make you laugh your ass off for an hour and a half. They definitely succeeded in that. This has become one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies.

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John Gardiner is a lifelong fan of horror. Whether reviewing or talking about horror he does it with passion and a smile. He enjoys long leisurely strolls thru haunted houses.

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