First Look at ‘Room 9’ with Kane Hodder

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“Life altering sins of the past revisit lost souls in a small town… 40 years later!”

PhilaDreams Films has released a first look at the KANE HODDER (Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th franchise) stills from the new movie, ROOM 9.   Writer / Director, Tom Walton has been filming this new horror flick in the South Jersey / Philadelphia area.

Life altering sins of the past revisit lost souls in a small town… 40 years later!
Cast: Starring:
Kane Hodder as Beau Johnson
Michael Berryman as Jed Bedford

Co starring:
Brian Anthony Wilson as Zion Miller
Michael Emery as Jason Brooks
Tony Devon as Detective Michael Dakota
Greg Painter as Officer Christian Battista
David Raine as Walter Miller
Steve Nappe as Bobby D
Michael Grasso as Johnny Lawson

Written & Directed by: Thomas Walton
Produced/Executive Produced by: PhilaDreams Films & Thomas Walton.

Co Executive Producer: Mary Jane Bulseco

Co Produced by: Tony Devon

Associate Producers:
Nicholas T. Peetros
Dennis Garrett
Richard Butterfoss
Steven Robert Alexander
Brandon E. Brooks

Mike McRath – 1st unit DP
Steven Doss – 2nd unit camera
David Pauswinski – production staff
Patti Myer – Key make-up/special effects
Music by – Jared Rodenhorst
Production Assistant – Robert Willard

Thomas Walton would like to give a personal shout out to dear friend and Berryman / Hodder’s manager Judy Fox.

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Ash Hamilton is not only the owner of, but also one of its major contributors. A long time horror movie enthusiast, Ash has lent his personality to radio and television and continues to support his favorite genre through his writing and art. He also loves beef jerky and puppies... and low-grade street-quality hallucinogens.

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