Trailer released for Jared Masters’ new horror film ‘The Nightgown’

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Trailer released for Jared Masters’ new horror film ‘The Nightgown’
The official trailer for ‘The Nightgown’ has been released. It’s the latest horror film from Jared Masters.
Plot: In 1976 three curious schoolgirls set out to unravel the mystery of a botched exorcism and untimely death of a young girl.
Hot off the heels of ‘Roller Junkies!’, it’s the 17th feature film from award-winning filmmaker Jared Masters. His visionary style has been referred to as… “Ed Wood meets John Waters… on acid!”
‘The Nightgown’ will be a cinematic movement like none other, a pulsating neon night terror simmering with ghouls, girls and a mischievous groundsman (James F. Gregory). This nightmare is… The Nightgown, conceived in the mind of the man that brought the horror cult sensation, ‘Slink’ (2013) and the poetic slasher masterwork, ‘Ballet of Blood’ (2015).

‘The Nightgown’ is a mixture of fantasy and vintage horror. Surrealism at its core, the writing exudes strange and fresh creativity like a semi-sordid fever dream. A work of serious cinematic art is unspooling across horror landscape.

This film stars Elizabeth Rath, of Quartz Vein fame, comedy-magic legend, Randy Masters as the priest, with Kate Lý Johnston, Baracha Walston and the original pink Power Ranger herself, Kelley Poling. Featuring Arrow Lester, Kennedy Lester, Iris Lester and introducing Hannah Dunsley-Ricechester as Mary.

Additional voices by Dawna Lee Heising and Jeffrey Dean Gray with special monster effects by Benjamin Masters. The rest of the details are being held top secret for now.

Elevated horror? You won’t live to believe your eyes. Mighty! Mighty in its see-through cinematic endeavors. ‘The Nightgown’ will not just be a tasty slice of neo-grindhouse heaven, it will also be available fare and wide, for all to see, this October, 2023.

Produced by Dominic Fedrizzi, Jeffrey Dean Gray, LP Green, James F. Gregory Reese Lester and Lucas Wagner. Music by MoreHorror’s Seth Metoyer.

Frolic Pictures is also in pre-production for another outrageously fun holiday-themed horror film, ‘Easter Evil’. Be sure to check its crowdfunding campaign here:

‘The Nightgown’ premieres this fall. Look for it everywhere, but remember… You won’t wake up tomorrow, if you sleep in it tonight.

Check out the trailer below and make sure to share with anyone that loves horror!

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