Tom Green + Les Stroud – INTERVIEWING MONSTERS AND BIGFOOT – 2 Hilarious New Clips!!

Releases to DVD April 20th!!

Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot, “By-the-book forest ranger, Billy Teal (Tom Green), is dead set on preventing Cory Mathis (Les Stroud) from finding the truth about the Mark Twain forest. Mathis, a professor, claims Bigfoot killed his wife, turning him into a man obsessed with revenge. Mathis partners up a team of misfits for the capture of the creature, but Ranger Teal, a covert government agency and a serial hoaxer (Rick Dyer) have other plans.”

The film is written and directed by Thomas Smugala and starring comedian, actor, filmmaker and talk show host of “The Tom Green Podcast”, Tom Green (Road Trip, Charlie’s Angels, Freddy Got Fingered), Les Stroud (Discovery Channel series Survivorman, Beyond Survival, 100 Days: Yukon), Jessi Combs (Spike TV series Xtreme 4×4, TLC series Overhaulin, Discovery series MythBusters), Tera Eckerle (The Lost Treasure of Jesse James) and Stacy Brown Jr. (Spike TV series 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot).


2 hilarious new promo clips:


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