Terror at Black Tree Forest now available on Blu-Ray

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Terror at Black Tree Forest (2021) Released On Blu-Ray And VOD
TrashArts and HBFilms, in association with SCS Entertainment and the Brit Horror Film Fund Co Ltd, announce the blu-ray release of “Terror at Black Tree Forest”, a slasher horror whodunit feature originally conceived by US filmmaker and director, Dustin W Ferguson in 2009.
A group of college kids set out for a weekend camping trip into Black Tree Forest. However, they soon come face to face with a masked killer who creates the “Terror at Black Tree Forest. A pleasant camping trip turns into a blood fest
Starring Amanda Bourne, Annabella Rich, Max Pill, Ella Palmer and Omar Jose Mahmood Lagares, this 2021 remake of the original film is now available on blu-ray and shortly to be made available on Video on Demand.
The blu-ray includes behind the scenes photos and interviews with cast members, the director and director of photography as well as Trailers for the original and reboot feature films.
Terror at Black Tree Forest is now available to buy on blu-ray here https://kunaki.com/msales.asp?PublisherId=155419&pp=1

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