Breaking Glass to Release Star-Studded Mystery/Thriller BEYOND THE NIGHT

Documentary Filmmakers Adrian Grenier, Becky Newhall and Robin Garvick break into Narrative Feature film with the help of Breaking Glass Pictures with the premiere of mystery thriller BEYOND THE NIGHT...


Get Lost in the Trees at the World Premiere of ‘CENTRAL PARK’

Justin Reinsilber’s Central Park Premieres at Dances With Films The World’s Most Famous Park Becomes a Hunting Ground A Killer Stalks the Children of Manhattan’s Elite  Feast and Bou...


Shyamalan’s ‘Split’ trailer Brings Us Crazy Ass James McAvoy

M. Night has had, for lack of a better word, an “interesting” career. I personally loved Sixth Sense, adored Unbreakable, and am an unapologetic fan of Signs. That being said, his latter f...