Never Hike in the Snow


Never Hike in the Snow and the Future of Friday the 13th with Vincente DiSante

It’s been three long years since we last caught up with filmmaker Vincente hot on the release of his groundbreaking Friday the 13th fan film, Never Hike Alone. Fast forward to 2020 and we sat do...


Trailer, Release Date & Indiegogo Campaign for Never Hike in the Snow

The team at Womp Stomp Films is excited to release the official trailer for Never Hike in the Snow, the prequel to 2017’s mega hit Friday the 13th fan film, Never Hi...


Jason Voorhees Wears White! Never Hike in the Snow Completes Filming

Womp Stomp Films is proud to announce the official wrap of principle photography on “Never Hike in the Snow: A Friday the 13th Fan Film” with post production already under way.&n...