MANDY, THE THING, & HALLOWEEN III Merch from Fright-Rags

MANDY, THE THING, & HALLOWEEN III Merch Available Now at Fright-Rags continues its domination of horror merchandise with exciting releases from The Thing, Mandy, and Halloween III....


From the Producers of MANDY – DANIEL ISN’T REAL Teaser Trailer World Premiere

Samuel Goldwyn Films and Shudder alongside Ace Pictures and SpectreVision production will drop the TEASER TRAILER WORLD PREMIERE of the highly anticipated film DANIEL ISN’T REAL at Comic-ConR...


Review – Mandy (2018)

Historically, it’s horror and science-fiction that have always pushed the cinematic envelope. Horror, unlike its somewhat nerdier counterpart is more prone to push, yet get stuck. In fact, just ...

9.8 Amazing

Believe it or not, the trailer for Nic Cage’s “Mandy” looks like pure horror perfection!

Do I even need to talk about the ups and downs of Nic Cage’s career? Performance ranging from laughable to genius, the guy rarely phones it in. THIS, director Panos Cosmatos‘s “Mandy...


‘Skeleton Key 3 Pt. 2’ Available January 3rd, 2017

DVD Exclusively Available on Amazon MOD January 3rd, 2017. Live on most major VOD Platforms January 3rd, 2017   Our hero Howard, wakes up from being frozen in carbonite for 5 years to find the wo...

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