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‘Skeleton Key 3 Pt. 2’ Available January 3rd, 2017

by horrorfixon 12/17/2016
DVD Exclusively Available on Amazon MOD January 3rd, 2017. Live on most major VOD Platforms January 3rd, 2017   Our hero Howard, wakes up from being frozen in carbonite for 5 years to find the world has been taken over by monsters! Finding his friends and ex-girlfriend Mandy, Howard reluctantly tries to set the world […]

Review – Sledge (2014)

by horrorfixon 03/13/2015
From writer/director/ star Kristian Hanson, this movie was reportedly made for $800. First, it absolutely looks and feels like $800 went into it. Second, its probably the best $800 movie you can find. The plot is basic enough, pop culture referencing campers terrorized by masked maniac. However the fun comes from its Grind House inspirations; […]

Kelly McGillis to Battle Zombie Bear on Z Nation

by horrorfixon 11/20/2014
TOP GUN heroine and 80s action staple Kelly McGillis continues her acting resurgence in Friday’s episode of Z Nation on Syfy. Her roles in films like TOP GUN, WITNESS, and THE ACCUSED cemented her as one of the most bankable box office stars of the 1980s. She continued acting throughout the 90s before taking a several-year hiatus […]

Dead on Appraisal (2014)

by Christopher Youngon 10/16/2014
Anthology horror movies are really a hit or miss. For every great one like Creepshow you have to wade through 20 others that are sometimes barely watchable. Dead on Appraisal is one of the newest entires and promises to keep us entertained and gore soaked for the entire ride. The movie is split into three […]

CREEPING CRAWLING is slithering to DVD & VOD October 7th

by horrorfixon 09/15/2014
On October 7th, Brain Damage Films will release Creeping Crawling, an entomophobia-inducing horror anthology featuring three tales sure to make viewers bug out.  DVD availability is set to include many retailers and websites including Amazon, as well as rental chains including Family Video.  VOD availability will include all major and minor cable/satellite operators and internet platforms. About the […]

Neo-Giallo Thriller CITY OF LUST coming to DVD & VOD July 1st

by horrorfixon 06/16/2014
On July 1st, Brain Damage Films will release the indie horror-thriller City of Lust (previously titled “Yellow”), an imaginative and intense film styled in homage to Giallo horror films from the 1970’s but set in the present.  DVD availability is set to include many retailers and websites including Amazon, as well as rental chains including Family […]

Blood Rush (2012)

by Christopher Youngon 06/06/2014
So the time has come for yet another low budget horror romp. This feature comes to us from Brain Damage Films. Anyone who has seen a BD film knows that we are in for some low budget cheese and maybe a good time. Blood Rush opens in a small town that has been overrun by […]

Official Release Date and Artwork Reveal for “POE: Project of Evil”

by horrorfixon 04/22/2014
Italian horror masters re-imagine 7 Edgar Allan Poe tales in this dark, twisted anthology coming to DVD and VOD in May. Brain Damage Films is set to release the English language, Italian-made disturbing horror anthology on DVD and On Demand May 6th across the US and Canada.   About the Film Following up the successful 2011 film […]

Official Release Date and Artwork for “DEAD ON APPRAISAL”

by horrorfixon 02/07/2014
Just received the press release for this one and I have to say that I am officially intrigued. Read on! Gory, puppet-filled horror anthology moves in on DVD and VOD this Spring! Brain Damage Films will soon be listing Dead on Appraisal on the horror market starting with a major VOD release on March 1st, followed […]