Wanna Shout at the Devil? Facebook says he’s in Arizona!!!

I love the random creepy shit that pops up on social media. From Jesus in a piece of toast to a chupacabra sighting at Taco Bell, the internet is a fantastic forum for the bizarre and bat-shit crazy. ...


The Inaugural New York Science Fiction Film Festival Launches in January 2017

We are culture. We are exploration. We are The New York Science Fiction Film Festival. The city’s newest platform for independent science fiction cinema arrives on the scene with a lineup that r...


Review – Blair Witch (2016) or ‘Get your damn agism out of my horror’

At the risk of sounding pompous or the very least a know-it-all, it is hard to be over 35 in the US right now and not feel like a victim of “isms”. Now, before you start nodding, I’m...

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