Review – Blair Witch (2016) or ‘Get your damn agism out of my horror’

At the risk of sounding pompous or the very least a know-it-all, it is hard to be over 35 in the US right now and not feel like a victim of “isms”. Now, before you start nodding, I’m...


New “Blair Witch” trailer brings the terror and everything we’ve been waiting for!

So, yeah we finally all know for certain what a few of us thought from the start, that “The Woods” is actually the newest entry in the Blair Witch franchise. With that being said, there is...


Video Review – Stranger Things (2016)

Undoubtedly probably the biggest thing that has taken the horror world by surprise and by storm , (I’m not counting the Blair Witch announcement at SDCC btw) has been the Duffer Brothers’ ...