There’s a BLOOD HARVEST coming this November

AWARD-WINNING NORTHERN IRELAND HORROR HIT COMES TO THE U.S Writer-director George Clarke’s latest sweat-inducing scarefest comes to U.S shores this November.  The award-winning Blood Harvest, out of N...


Step Into CHUPACABRA TERRITORY on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD April 11th

Begin the Hunt in Chupacabra Territory April 11th Available Nationwide on Blu-ray, DVD and Flixfling Expands to iTunes, Amazon Instant & Cable VOD after 30 Days Maltauro Entertainment, in associat...


10 Christmas Movies for Horror Fans

10. The Corridor (2010) Is there a better time to reconnect with old friends than the holidays? Is there a better time to hole up in a cabin amidst a whole lotta the white stuff (back off junkies we a...

action-horror-shorts-urban legends

Mordue Pictures Announces horror/thriller web series of Urban Legends retold

“Mordue Pictures are proud to announce the launch of Urban Legends, a retold and updated selection of thrilling horror stories by Luke Mordue. So far we have released two episodes and the next &...


How To: Hauntingly Beautiful Vampire Look for This Halloween

Vampires are always in for Halloween, and this year is no different. While you can always buy a simple “female vampire” costume at a local shop, it is more enjoyable to make one yourself. It can also ...

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