How To: Hauntingly Beautiful Vampire Look for This Halloween

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sexy-femaile-vampireVampires are always in for Halloween, and this year is no different. While you can always buy a simple “female vampire” costume at a local shop, it is more enjoyable to make one yourself. It can also save you a lot of money, as you’ll be using a lot of items you probably already have around the house.

Necessary Clothing 

Clothing for a female vampire costume is relatively simple. All you really need is a nice black dress: the length doesn’t matter much. If you want a vampire that is “cute” without being “sexy,” a long dress is probably your best bet. 

You can also make a cape by cutting a simple cape shape out of dark red fabric and adding ties to the neck area so that you can wrap it carefully around your neck.

Doing The Hair

What kind of hair should you have as a female vampire? The Pompadour is always appropriate. This is the look where your hair is swept up and away from your face and worn high up on your forehead. 

sexy-vampire-costumeYou can also just let it go wild and loose by sweeping it around in wide circles and letting it crackle with static electric energy. Black wigs are appropriate, but expensive, for this costume.

Adding The Makeup

By now, your costume should look pretty good. However, you need to add makeup to make yourself look really spooky. Try using Lime Crime makeup products for the best effect. Start by adding a base layer of makeup which is lighter than your natural tone. You could go all-out with white, but this is often a bit too gaudy. 

Add black eye shadow and a cat’s eye outline to make it really creepy. Blush helps define your cheekbones, while red or black lipstick really makes you stand out among the vampire crowd. For a little extra fun, get black contact lenses to create a truly freaky look.

Plastic Fangs With Blood

Last, but not least, is putting on a pair of fake plastic fangs. These should slip easily into your mouth and cost no more than a few dollars. Spray a little ketchup on the fangs and let them stain to create a “bloody” look. 

Red makeup or artificial food coloring can then be used to create “flowing blood stains” down your chin. This makes you look like a vampire that just ate.

With this simple process, you can turn into a female vampire in a matter of minutes. Make sure to try out your own variations on the process to create it in your own style.

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