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World Premiere: Michael Myers versus Jason Voorhees!!!

The short film titled, Michael Myers versus Jason Voorhees made it’s much anticipated debut on the Youtube channel, CallMeJeff86 on January 15th, 2018. Michael Myers versus Jason Voorhees stars ...


The 1978 Halloween Trailer We Deserve?!?!?!

I’ve always had issues with the original trailer for Halloween. Too many reveals and strange pacing never really did the movie justice. Well, as if hearing my pleas, Youtube user James Chandler ...


Short Horror “Burn Time” – The Worst Sunburn Imaginable

From the press release: ” Burn Time is the sixth and final short film in the web series Ao-terror-oa, an anthology of New Zealand themed horror movies, jointly funded by Youtube and New Zealand ...


Boggy Creek Monster & The Mothman of Point Pleasant Get Wider Releases!

Terror Films, in association with documentary filmmaker Seth Breedlove, is widening the platform availability of two creature myth documentaries. The documentaries are titled: BOGGY CREEK MONSTER and ...


“THE BLACK CAT” now available worldwide on Youtube.

Exciting new fantasy short, The Black Cat, directed by Indian award-winning filmmaker Bhargav Saikia, is now available worldwide on Youtube. The 20-minute film, which is an official adaptation of a sh...


Take A Ride to Hell with “DEATH ON SCENIC DRIVE!”

This November, Terror Films suggests you take the scenic route with their new, thriller DEATH ON SCENIC DRIVE. This horrifying film will be available on Friday, November 17th on multiple digital platf...


Cryptic Pictures Announces Worldwide Release of “MORTAL REMAINS”!

MORTAL REMAINS is a “shockumentary” which examines the life of Karl Atticus, a notorious filmmaker from the Vietnam era whose works have been mysteriously purged from cinematic history…with good reaso...


Brand-new interactive Horror Webseries: “Good Bye, Nikki”

In September 2017, the first act of Good Bye, Nikki was released, as an introduction to the horror webseries where audiences met a circle of friends left behind by the mysterious “Nikki”. A young woma...


RED CHRISTMAS Starring Dee Wallace Now Out on Blu-ray & VOD

OUT NOW! Dee Wallace-Starring RED CHRISTMAS Available on DVD, Blu-ray and most VOD Outlets Craig Anderson’s Red Christmas, a horror-filled cinematic present for the entire family (including your...

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