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Stan Lee Produced ‘The Sandman’ arrives on DVD 3/6

The terrifying film The Sandman comes to DVD on March 6 from Lionsgate. Madison is a little girl with the unfortunate ability to bring her nightmares to life. As death follows her close ones she reali...


New Art Released for Roger Corman’s “Cobragator”!

New Horizons Pictures sales art for CobraGator, a new creature feature from director Jim Wynorski and executive producer Roger Corman. A crazed genetic engineer (Michael Madsen) from deep within the b...


Teaser Trailer Drops for “The Viral Demon”

SYNOPSIS: Four college friends participate in an annual video chat that goes horribly wrong when an ancient evil, imprisoned by witchcraft, is inadvertently released. Witness the hellish first night o...


Guillermo del Toro announces “Tales of Arcadia” trilogy series

Emmy-Winning Netflix original series DreamWorks Trollhunters is first installment of three-part epic from DreamWorks Animation Television Trollhunters Part 2 premieres exclusively on Netflix December ...


From the Producer of IT FOLLOWS: “The Ninth Passenger”

From the executive producer of It Follows, Corey Large, The Ninth Passenger uncovers a group of college students on a spontaneous midnight sea voyage aboard a luxury yacht. The adventure turns horrifi...


Tuesday Knight Stars in ‘Forever in Your Eyes’

THE GREATEST SONG OF HER LIFE, COULD BE HER LAST! Forever In Your Eyes follows a once-upon-a-time starlet, Harmony Foxx (played by Knight), who is faced with a dimming career, which is only furthermor...


Horror Comedy ATTACKED ON SET comes to BluRay/DVD Combo March 21st

ATTACKED ON SET HITS BLURAY/DVD COMBO PACK AND VIMEO ON DEMAND ON MARCH 21st   This is more than just a film about a killer on the loose.  “ATTACKED ON SET” IS AN EXPERIENCE! It started out with ...


24 Hours To Die release date announced

Wild Eye Releasing and Hood Up Films has officially announced the release date for the horror-scifi film ’24 Hours To Die’, written, directed and produced by Stephen Patrick Kenny, the man behind ‘The...


The Cast and Creators on Why You’ll Love to Hate Negan

He’s “charming” and a “sadist.” He’s “charismatic” and a “cold-blooded killer.” He’s Negan. Now that he and Lucille are here, things will never be the same for the survivors. So how does Negan change ...

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