Christopher Cooksey


New Trailer Drops for Lovecraftian Nightmare “The Quantum Terror”

We’ve been following director Christopher Cooksey’s journey on The Quantum Terror for quite some time and we are always eager to get our hands on anything new coming out of his camp. This ...


Trailer for Lovecraftian Horror “The Quantum Terror ” is TOTAL MADNESS

I love the look and feel of Christopher Cooksey’s Lovecraftian nightmare The Quantum Terror. Not only is Christopher a true filmmaker in every sense of the word but he has painstakingly followed...


Night Terrors Radio – Christopher Cooksey and Harbinger Down

Harbinger Down set a new precedent for special effects films. Alec Gillis and the crew at ADI brought us some truly memorable images from the film. We caught up with the author of the Harbinger Down p...