Split Screen – A New Horror Double Feature Announcement

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Horror Dadz Productions has announced its upcoming Found Footage Double Feature, SPLIT SCREEN, from directors Joshua Brucker (The Woodmen) and Dillon Brown (Tahoe Joe).

SPLIT SCREEN is a callback to event films, with a mysterious Host introducing two features filmed by Brucker and Brown, who directed them in-between working on other projects.

Brucker, who just finished the upcoming survival horror film, THE WOODMEN, brings us a disturbing slasher inspired by killers such as “BTK” and “The Zodiac Killer,” in THE ILLINOIS VALLEY MURDER TAPES:

“A pair of internet sleuths investigate a serial murderer after uncovering his self-made murder tapes.”

Brown, who recently released GHOST and is prepping for the sequel to his Bigfoot film TAHOE JOE, delivers an alien-themed story ripped straight from the headlines with GREYS: The Nevada Alien Incident.

“A paranoid man hides out after an intense encounter with an alien – but with seedy government agents on his trail, who is the real threat?”

You can see the official poster and teaser trailer for the film below.

SPLIT SCREEN is slated for release to VOD this Winter.

Teaser Trailer:


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