HNN Presents:  Toro Loco Bloodthirsty & Female Werewolf

HNN Presents: Toro Loco Bloodthirsty & Female Werewolf – Now Available on DVD & VOD from Bayview Entertainment

HNN Presents: Toro Loco Bloodthirsty and Female Werewolf are now available on DVD and VOD courtesy of Bayview Entertainment.HNN Presents: Toro Loco Bloodthirsty
A Fistful of Dollars meets Death Wish by way of Blazing Saddles in this, Chilean genre specialist Patricio (Hidden in the Woods) Valladares’ wild action-comedy. Delivering equal parts humor and blood, the story follows a grizzled stranger who arrives in a small town trapped in the grasp of a ruthless drug-peddling crime boss and his paraplegic, slobbering trigger-happy son. The man, known as Toro Loco, is in search for the killers of his son yet never too busy to permanently take care of marauding punks and thugs who get in his way. With the support of a young beauty, her geeky brother, and a trigger-happy drag queen he sets out to clean up the town and avenge the murder of his son. A fast-paced tale filled with memorable characters, imaginatively directed action scenes set and a deft comedic touch. In Spanish with English subtitles. A HorrorNews.netpresentation.
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HNN Presents: Toro Loco – Bloodthirsty | Official Trailer

HNN Presents: Female Werewolf
Lost in a fever of sexual delirium, a mentally unstable woman (Carrie Gemmell) begins to believe she may be turning into a monster. A moody, sensual, and surreal psychological thriller from filmmaker, musician, and magazine editor Chris Alexander (BLOOD FOR IRINA, FANGORIA). A presentation.
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HNN Presents: Female Werewolf | Official Trailer

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