Exclusive Interview with Michael Rousslet – Director of Dude Bro Party Massacre 3

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mikerousIn the vastness of the internet, there are hundreds of thousands of websites with short comedic videos. Right now you just thought of 3 or 4 of them. I’m willing to bet that 5secondfilms.com was not one of them, but it should be. I was hoping to get a 10-15 minute interview with someone from 5secondfilms to talk about the movie Dude Bro Party Massacre 3, but what i got was an hour long conversation with the upbeat, generous, and gracious writer/director/actor Michael Rousslet. Here’s the abridged version.

John: You’re one of a plethora of writers at 5secondfilms, you guys and gals have made a lot of short videos, How did Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 come about?
Michael : we made around 1500 short films. Somebody told us we needed to make something longer. So, as a joke, we made a fake trailer for Dude Bro Party Massacre. The support and comments from the fans were so positive that we decided to do a Kickstarter campaign to do a feature length version of Dude Bro Party Massacre 3. It took us almost 2 years to write the movie, we were determined to make the funniest most over the top movie we could. It was important to all of us to not let down the fans who helped finance this movie. We kept talking about how can we make this scene funnier, more over the top. The whole thing was a labor of love.

John: Its not exactly a normal comedy/horror, was that the intent?
Michael: We could have made a middle of the road, vanilla, mainstream movie, Bu’t that’s boring. We wanted it to be as fucking funny as possible with a bunch of WTF moments. We wanted it to be unapologetic. We constantly rewrote scenes if somebody came up with something funnier.

John: What’s the reviews been like?
Michael: It’s been polarizing. People either got the joke and enjoyed it, or they didn’t get it and disliked it. Really hasn’t been much of an inbetween. Most reviewers only watched the first 30 minutes, then they turned it off.

Dude-Bro-Party-Massacre-III-poster-1John: What are you guys doing now, are you working on a new movie?
Michael: Currently we are doing the film fests across the country.
We definitely want to do another Kickstarter film. This was so much fun. We love the fan interaction. If they go watch and re-watch all of our short films and they find one they’re as passionate about as they were with Dude Bro Party, then we’ll look at it and see if we can do something the fans would be proud.

That’s the abridged version. Michael was very gracious with his time, he could have just gone thru the motions to promote this movie but he didn’t. He sat back with a beer and talked about the fun they had on set, celebrity cameos in the movie, which jokes were favorites with the writers, and even was kind enough to answer my own personal question about the movie. I refuse to give any kind of warnings or spoilers but just know that Alec Owen wrote, out of frustration, one of the most what the fuck moments i’ve ever seen.

The movie Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 is currently available for digital download, by going to www.dudebropartymassacre3.com

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John Gardiner is a lifelong fan of horror. Whether reviewing or talking about horror he does it with passion and a smile. He enjoys long leisurely strolls thru haunted houses.

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