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“A trip to the gates of hell”

Genre specialist Black Mandala presents the action movie “ESCAPING PARADISE” directed by Paul Tanter. A pleasure trip turns into a true nightmare, in this film that combines the action of John Wick with the deadly pursuit of In the Blood.

A young couple takes a trip to an exotic island for their anniversary where they befriend a foreigner name Kane. Kane shows them a great time until they discover he’s actually a dangerous fugitive from the UK. Now that they know his secret, he is determine to keep them from leaving the island.

Starring Simon Phillips (Surviving the game, Butchers); Deji LaRay (Modern Family, Bosch); Shayla Hale (NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds); Andrew Davis II; Kylah Dela Peña; and Harrison Montinola.

Director: Paul Tanter
Writer: Deji LaRay
Cast: Simon Phillips, Deji LaRay, Shayla Hale , Andrew Davis II; Kylah Dela Peña, and Harrison Montinola.
Cinematography: Sten Olson
Producer: Winston Cabico, Thomas Q. Jones, Deji LaRay, DeNorvious Pickett
Associate Producers: Nicolás Onetti and Michael Kraetzer

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