BOOK REVIEW “These Walls Don’t Talk, They Scream” by Kevin Holton

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Holton knows how to confuse your mind. He plays with a background of sadness that makes you lose perspective of what is right and what is wrong. A witness who, after all, hasn’t chosen its fate can only observe. And in observing, it decides… and condemns.

Can you blame a cursed devil? Holton is a very intelligent mind, obviously, and it shines in his books (it’s not the first one I read). Nothing is what it seems, he doesn’t set you free without controversy in your thoughts. You read a terrible scene, smiling, and suddenly you think, “why am I even smiling at this?!”

The characters have no more option than to look at the eyes of their mistakes and face the consequences. It’s a tale of wrong decisions, loss and… redemption? A very beautiful story, in my opinion. A story of braveness and strength after realising you are the one and only owner of your doom and that, perhaps, you’ll have to protect your little ones from something you can’t escape from. Your past chases you and there’s nowhere to run to.

The author’s writing is spotless and very easy to read. A very enjoyable piece, like a little tale to steal your sleep, leaving you wondering if could you possibly be observed by what you considered a safe home (or maybe your own consciousness?) and manipulated to the point of losing your mind. Why not? Why not you, this time?

As always, amazing job, congrats to the author.

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