BOOK REVIEW – “Affinity’s Window” by Douglas L. Wilson


This is the first piece I’ve read by this author. I’m greatly surprised. Ghosts and demons, pure paranormal threads are my thing in horror. I love them, and Wilson takes those terrifying strings and twirls them together, in such a loving way that you lose conscience of what side you are on.

He plays in two superimposed dimensions, jumping from one to another without making the reader feel lost, you just keep on and on, and never see the moment of putting down the book.

This tale is indeed, scary. He’s an amazing narrator, so you can really feel the pain and anguish in the little girl. The fear… as well as the resentment, hate and anger of the evil entity crawling in the characters’ minds, who have double blades and make you realise the way the author is playing with your thoughts.

Wilson knows horror. Every little detail is sewed to provoke that spine-chilling sensation in the reader. The doll, the mirrors, the abrupt and broken feelings of the little girl. Unexpectedness. This book will turn your dreams into nightmares, and the images he projects into your mind… those will steal your sleep and also, at the worst moment of loneliness, your wakefulness.


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