Blue Juice Comics at New York Comic Con

Blue Juice Comics at New York Comic Con

We’re only a few days away from New York Comic Con. Join BLUE JUICE COMICS Oct 7-10 at booth #2243 and meet some of the creators and artists.

All 4 days:
ANNE BONNIE penciler/inker Nick Justus
BILLY THE KIT creator/artist Barry McClain, Jr.
GROWING DARK writer Kristopher Triana

Thursday, Oct 7
IMMIGRANT, AMERICAN, SURVIVOR Authors Charles Ricciardi and William Jimeno

Friday, Oct 8
THE ACCELERATORS creator/writer Ronnie Porto and artist Gavin Smith

Saturday, Oct 9
BILLY THE KIT creator/writer JV Gray

And we’re sure some other folks will be in and out of the booth throughout the weekend, especially COMIC BOOK MEN’s Ming Chen, DREW: THE MAN BEHIND THE POSTER director Erik Sharkey, and writer of EMBALMING DAY (A Story from the Attic) Richard Davis.

Here’s a look at some of the books and exclusives:

The first Tale from THE ATTIC

From the twisted minds of writer Richard Davis (CULT OF DRACULA) and artist Alex Riegel (SCUMBAG) comes a horrifying “silent” story of someone’s worst nightmare. We had so much fun pulling this one together, and it’s just the first “story from THE ATTIC”… with loads more fun/creepy/horrifying tales to come in 2022!

Issue #1

JV Gray (JONAH HEX), Barry McClain, Jr. (Q-BALL), and Slamet Mujiono (DOCTOR WHO) present the brand new supernatural western BILLY THE KIT. The first issue hits local comic shops tomorrow (Wednesday, 10/6) but you can visit us and pick up a copy at NYCC, and if you stop by the booth on Saturday you can get your copy signed by creators JV Gray and Barry McClain Jr.!

Volume 3

The beloved pirate adventure continues with Issues 10-14, written by Orion Martindale, pencils/inks by Nick Justus (who will be doing commissions at NYCC), and colors by Rebecca McConnell. In this volume, Ariana and her friends face off against a powerful witch and get a few big steps closer to unraveling the mystery: What happened to the famed pirate queen ANNE BONNIE?

Volume 4

This is the time-traveling adventure that started it all for us here at Blue Juice Comics! Volume 4 is new this year, and volumes 1-3 will be available at NYCC – so you can catch up on all the fun! Written by Ronnie Porto, pencils/inks by Gavin Smith, and colors by Anwar Hanano, we’re getting closer and closer to the end of this epic story, with Volume 5 planned for 2022.

10 short stories from KRISTOPHER TRIANA

A macabre collection of lurking dread and blood-curdling terror, ranging from otherworldly evils to very human nightmares, this powerful set of tales is sure to keep you sleeping with the lights on. The first 10 people who join Kris at our booth and buy a copy of GROWING DARK get an exclusive prize.

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