Tomorrow is a Day Behind

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Press Release from author Jason McNamara:

“Hey, when are you going to write something my kid can read?”

That is a question I have been asked for years; today, I finally have an answer.

Tomorrow is a Day Behind is a 126-page paperback middle-grade thriller with full-page illustrations. This macabre mystery can be enjoyed by anyone ages eight and up!

It’s available for pre-order now!

No matter how hard Martin tries, he can’t adjust the date on his new phone. It’s set to one day in the future. Mild frustration turns to alarm when Martin starts receiving texts from one day in the future. And the future is not looking too bright…

I teamed up with my favorite novelist Adrianne Ambrose to co-write a series of stand-alone mysteries in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators. We tricked comic auteur Justin Greenwood into creating illustrations for the books and even got Brad Simpson to color our covers. I grew up on YA horror, and it feels so great to return to the genre.

Thank you for taking a look at Tomorrow is a Day Behind. Making fantastic books is all I want to do with my life; thank you for the privilege.

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