Teaser Trailer for Night of the Zomghouls

Teaser Trailer for Night of the Zomghouls starring James Duval, Sadie Katz, Mike Ferguson, and Julie Ann Prescott

NIGHT OF THE ZOMGHOULS from director Will Collazo Jr. has released the teaser trailer and set stills.   

Zomghouls stars James Duvall (Independence Day. Gone in 60 Seconds), Sadie Katz (The Amityvile Harvest, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort), Mike Ferguson (Animal Kingdom), Julie Ann Prescott (Teacher Shortage), and Shawn C Phillips (Dead Ant).  tags: Night of the Zomghouls

“I’m a mass killer being transported and I escape but sacrifice myself to Satan to live again and I possess the animatronics and  Julie Ann at a kids birthday party place” – Jack “the Hack” Rogers aka Mike Ferguson

More info on ‘Zomghouls’ IMDb page:   
Teaser Trailer: Night of the Zomghouls 

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