Craig Sheffer


Review – Widow’s Point (2020)

In a sea of throwback slashers and wannabe grindhouse backyard do-it-yourselfers, Gregory Lamberson’s Widow’s Point practically does the unthinkable in serving its audience a truly creepy indie ghost ...

8.3 Great

WIDOW’S POINT Available On Demand and DVD September 1

Starring Craig Sheffer (Nightbreed, A River Runs Through It, Fire in the Sky, “One Tree Hill”),  KateLynn E.Newberry (Homecoming Revenge), Dominic Luongo (“Little Gree...

Review – Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut (2014)

Anyone who knows me or knows this site knows what a huge fan of I am of Nightbreed. I was 13 when the film came out and it left an indelible impression. It had an air of epic mythology and backstory t...