SLAUGHTER DAY Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Coming this September

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VISUAL VENGEANCE announce Slaughter Day Collector’s Edition Blu-ray for September
Releasing September 13, the 1991 shot on video action horror spectacle SLAUGHTER DAY!

A rarely seen super obscurity of the shot on video era, and arguably the most insane and ambitious micro budget horror action movie ever made! In the rural recesses of Hawaii, a pair of friends must fight an ancient evil force brought to life by an occult book that possesses a group of construction workers, turning them into murderous maniacs. Shot and edited on consumer grade equipment by twin brothers Brent and Blake Cousins, SLAUGHTER DAY is packed from start to finish with kinetic lo-fi action scenes, gonzo camerawork and a truckload of homemade gore.

Info and Select Bonus Features:
– First time ever available on disc
– Archival 1991 SD master from original tapes
– New audio commentary with Brent and Blake Cousins
– Interview: The Cousins Brothers Today
– Limited Edition Slipcase by The Dude Designs — FIRST PRESSING ONLY
– Early short films
– Liner notes
– Collectible Mini-poster
– ‘Stick your own’ VHS sticker set
– And More

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