Review – The Horror Network (2015)

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horrornetworkReminiscent of “Tales From the Darkside” style of horror story telling, The Horror Network exposes the viewer to five terrifying tales of terror, torture, diabolical desires, and murder! The five stories that make up the film, while they carry the same sense of evil and darkness, relentlessly drag the view into different directions. There is a sense of dread and apprehension around the corner, and you never quite know if you’ve escaped certain death. The character’s fears and confusion are tangible enough to be felt through the screen. Also, the line between the stories is just blurred enough to add the perfect touch of chaos to the viewer’s experience. The Horror Network proves that the right talent can terrify in minutes, and keep you wanting more.

Excellent film, and very well done.

Guest review contributed by HorrorFix’s Diana Stack

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  1. Nice review, Diana…now of course I will have to actually take the time and watch it…


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