‘Rainfalls’ of Murder start on June 29 | Pre-Order Now

‘Rainfalls’ of Murder start on June 29
Pre-Order Now

Richard Poche’s RAINFALLS starring Nikki Hoy, Sharon Teresa Louisell, and Lillie Morrisson is coming to DVD and Digital on June 29th, 2021 from Bayview Entertainment.

Taylor Royce is the strait-laced preacher who is an easy mark for his twin brother’s femme-fatale wife, Brenda. But she has more than an extra-marital affair on her mind as she manipulates the preacher into stealing money from his church. Pianist Emily is suspicious of the two but is too busy carrying on her own affair with Alan, a down on his luck taxi driver. So, when Alan picks up Taylor for a fare, he inadvertently finds himself at the center of a spree of random murders in this noir thriller.

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Official Trailer: Rainfalls

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