IMMERSER Releases Official Music Video for “Blame”

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IMMERSER Releases Official Music Video for “Blame”!

Hard Rock solo project IMMERSER (John Logan Parsons III*) has released the official music video for his newest single, “Blame.” Blending heavy guitar rhythms with a driving percussion, “Blame” showcases the multitalented artist’s heavy rock and alternative influences while spotlighting gothic-punk instrumentation and vocal performance.

“’Blame’ is the product of channeling all the angst and grunge of the 90s. It’s a reminder of a time when we could say what we wanted, do what we wanted, think what we wanted. An era when authentic art and music were at the forefront. Be whatever you are as long as it’s real. With this song I’m calling for a resurgence of authenticity!“ – John Logan Parsons III


Purchase / Stream “Blame” Online:

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“Immerser has a refreshing way of building layers of mystery and meaning into rock songs that feel uniquely their own. You’d be hard pressed to listen to one of their songs and not have it change you somehow.” – Kane Churko (Producer)

“Immerser is a unique artist with a worthy message and creative vision”. – Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome)

Immerser is a dynamic, hard rock, solo project featuring the powerful music of John Logan Parsons III. The goal of the Immerser project is to bring meaning to a melody. As an artist John L Parsons III isn’t afraid to explore the deepest parts of the subconscious. Immerser songs deal with some of life’s darkest places, yet there is always an energetic undercurrent of optimism, spirituality, and love running throughout. The result is a passionate mix of alternative, pop, grunge, and metal. Immerser is music that a listener can connect with and find deeper meaning in. With the recent enlistment of world renowned producer Kane Churko who has worked with some of today’s biggest artists including – In This Moment, Gemini Syndrome and Violent Idols, Immerser is certainly a musical force to be reckoned with. Immerse yourself and transmute!

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