Darkside Acquires UNDERNEATH: An Anthology of Terror

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Darkside Releasing Acquires UNDERNEATH: An Anthology of Terror.
Darkside Releasing Snags John Nicol & Andre Becker’s, UNDERNEATH: An Anthology of Terror from Thinking Chrome Productions & Beats In Heat.

New Spring 2023 Release from Darkside Releasing!

UNDERNEATH: AN ANTHOLOGY OF TERROR, a clever, dark, bloody, and utterly twisted horror anthology with stories and characters that weave through the terrifying Lovecraftian narrative of horror and insanity. Blu-ray features include a director’s commentary and an isolated score, and the short film GLIMPSE which inspired UNDERENEATH, (plus more).

VOD and streaming options to follow. Look for UNDERNEATH coming to AMAZON PRIME, Tubi, and many more.
Horror | English | 2023 | 76 min.
Blu-ray and VOD at https://darksidereleasing.com

UNDERNEATH: AN ANTHOLOGY OF TERROR Official Description: An unstable individual is lured back to his country home by dark, mysterious forces, only to find that the house itself is a conduit into hell. Breaches in the basement spew forth a mysterious black fluid carrying whispers of insanity, tales of terror and corruption… An anthology of madness and horror from ‘the other side’.
Directed by John Nicol, Andre Becker, and Cory Ivanchuk.

Starring: Brent Baird, Nicholas Koy Santillo, Andrew Baptiste, Carole Malone, Mikey McMurran, Niki Kerro, and Rebecca Kilburn.

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