BOOK REVIEW “Legacy” by Marc W. Johnson


If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be without a shadow of a doubt, “shuddering”. Johnson knows how to keep you awake. Playing with dialogues, he makes you jump from one scene to another without giving you the option to stop, because… you don’t want to stop.

An amazing bloody plot which speeds up your mind page after page. You watch as the characters find their own doom. A curse… perhaps a gift? Humour black as night, filled with sarcasm, the author tells you a story of friendship, deceiving and thirst for blood.

Something I loved about this book is how real the characters are, you even feel comfortable between them. Moments of panic and anguish are the brush strokes that make you want more. I read it in one go, it’s like trying to keep the pace of a nightmare: you can’t turn your back, you can’t escape. And you know you love it.

Quick scenes ripped out with an exhalation. Prey and predator, that’s what it’s all about. A very wicked, breathtaking read. Our protagonists will find out sometimes… it’s better not to ask too many questions. The reader witnesses every atrocity they have to go through to find… the truth beneath the lies, deception and why not… resurrection.

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