BOOK REVIEW – “Death, Infection, The Devil… and Jed” The Best of Howard Carlyle

sa_1532379866_THE BOLD MOM_DEATH_CARLYLE_Allow me to talk a bit about my thoughts on Howard Carlyle. This book is not the first work I read by him since I follow his blogs “The Meyerstown Secret” and “Gloriously Gory”. He is an emerging author, with an amazing basis of imagination and twisted influences in his writing, who is working full engine to bring his words to readers.

His ideas are intense. Quick stories, flash characters and little winks at the reader form a little collection of four stories, very different between them, all of them tied up with his black irony which has no mercy or compassion for the redeemed.

“Death, Infection, The Devil… and Jed” is the prelude for more to come, an introduction of his tales, each of them perfectly able to be taken to another level and turned into a full novel. This is a bit of the magic about Carlyle, he leaves you wondering what’s behind those characters and how will they reappear in future.

This book is a good piece to enjoy an afternoon of rain and coffee. A quick read, a combination of different horror scenarios, from apocalypse to revenge and insanity. A creepy tale to make you shiver when you’re alone at home. I know there’s more to come since Carlyle’s inventiveness shines throughout the pages. This is just a little taste to awake your curiosity as well as more than one nightmare tonight…

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  1. I’m gonna have to check this one out!


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